Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A Beginning Is A Very Delicate Time

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Full Spectrum Dominance, a blog dedicated to miniature wargaming in a variety of scales, sizes and genres. Showcasing some of my favourite systems, miniatures, my own collections and gaming experiences, I also aim to broaden the scope with contributions from some of my friends and regular opponents, especially the games they play that I haven't tried yet. Who knows, with any luck (and a bit of effort) this blog could achieve something close to its namesake!

Full Spectrum Dominance will initially concentrate on Dystopian Wars by Spartan Games, a game set in an alternate-past Victorian Steampunk era, with rules supporting games in Naval, Aerial and Land theatres - a direct inspiration for this blog and its title.

In the coming weeks, I aim to deliver some battle reports, some pictures of my own collections across a number of different games, and maybe some more complicated discussions about tactics, painting and product reviews

This blog has been inspired by two friends, Good Friend Ben and his prestigious Flames of War blog Breakthrough Assault, and Mediocre Friend Ben and his burgeoning Malifaux blog (with matching podcast), Malibros. Check them out!

Introductions over, hope you all enjoy.


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  1. Finally George! Looking forward to seeing your incredible models!