Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Battleship of the Sky


After some weeks of procrastination and distractions, I have managed to finish something big for Dystopian Wars - the Tunguska-class Large Skyship for the Russian Coalition. An aerial Battleship, this monster will bring some teeth to the Russians in the air and help me bring down that dastardly Donner Squadron!

The Tunguska-class Large Skyship is brutal in all the usual Russian ways, with heavy armour and some seriously powerful turrets. At close range the ship matches the Borodino-class Battleship, and though its armour rating is slightly lower, this is made up for with all the advantages of being an aerial vessel. The Russian aerial forces are lighter, faster and more aggressive than the naval fleets, and should be used in conjunction with them for a solid hammer/anvil finish.

The true value of the Tunguska comes from its selection of special rules, the most important being Aerial Hunter (Primary and Secondary). This allows it to be a true terror of the skies, hitting other flyers with a bonus that can negate their defences and smash them asunder. Given the strength of the turrets, this should be a cause for concern for any aerial commodore.

Another strength of the Tunguska, as with all Russian aerial squadrons, is the speed. The enemy simply cannot ignore a Battleship-strength vessel ploughing into their fleet, and any firepower dedicated to dropping it will be ordnance not spent bringing down your real Battleship and Gunship squadrons. Being Obscured at the same time will make it difficult for the enemy to bring real firepower to bear. The speed and the added defence of the clouds is a strength of all the Russian aerial forces, but sadly I have not had any experience with the Medium and Small squadrons.

Added bonus - the Squadron Support of up to five Fighter Planes for a small fee. An excellent addition that takes the pressure off the Carriers and offers even more AA. Nice!
So there we are, another massive ship added to the Russian Coalition and some help towards clearing the skies finally added to the mix. I look forward to fielding it in a future Battle Report, and who knows, perhaps in the future it will be joined by some smaller flyers?

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