Monday, 6 August 2018

Beast for Hire


One of the most involving models I have painted thus far for Necromunda, I must again state that the Forgeworld models are a pain in the ass to paint! Beautiful sculpts and wonderful casting quality, but crammed with so much detail and using so many different materials (cloth, metal, leather, fur...).

Rant over. The Beastman Bounty Hunter was a real treat to paint, in the end, and I am happy with the result. The ochre armour was a nice change, and it was nice to try to balance the cloth, leather, armour and fur into a scheme that looks good. These photos look a little dark, but I'm very happy with how it turned out.
The Beast-Man known as Turok Broken-Tusk is a known terror in the Underhive, an unsanctioned Bounty Hunter infamous for having as many contracts on his head as he has ever brought in

Curiously named by an ill-educated Underhiver (he has a broken horn, not tusk), relatively little is known about the Beast-Man. His armour, in particular the campaign marking on his shoulder pad, mark him as a veteran of the Black Star Campaign, a warzone far from Necromunda where an entire world was plunged into madness and anarchy by a solar eclipse.

The Abhuman Auxilia were thrown into the front-line of a brutal campaign against the deranged populace, and on several occasions targeted and shelled under the mistaken assumption they were servants of the Archenemy. Turok watched almost his entire herd slaughtered (most by Imperial guns), but somehow survived and became a battle-hardened killer. 

Upon the resolution of the campaign, the scattered survivors of the Abhuman Auxilia were granted their freedom and allowed to settle on the first world their troopship passed. Unceremoniously thrown into the Hives of Necromunda, they may as well have been thrown out of the airlock.

Nonetheless, Turok continued to survive and carved himself a domain in the lawless Underhive, carrying with him old trophies of the Black Star Campaign and new weapons scavenged from the tunnels.

Turok has gathered about himself an entire posse of the Underhive's worst and least redeemable killers, intent on earning Sanction as a Bounty Hunter and "going legit"... 

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  1. A great addition to any Necro table.
    I too found him a pain to paint, but worth it in the end :-)