Saturday, 4 October 2014

Awaken the Dragon


The Beast is upon us! After months of waiting the mighty Chinese Federation have received their reinforcements, and leading the charge is the Tian Long Armoured Dragon Robot. The guys over at Element 270 may have beaten me to the punch with their Unboxing Video (great work by the way, check it out!) but for those who can't watch videos for whatever reason, here are a few pictures. 

Standard Spartan Games packaging - the resin is nicely protected in bubble wrap
Three Luxing Aerial Bombards - these will give the fleet a full squadron
Quite a few pieces for this model! I was honestly not expecting the  body to be so many pieces
The round washes under the rocket batteries are the plugs for the flying base, while the sets of arms sit either side. The head is six pieces all told - jaw, ears and whiskers (???)
I had originally thought the model was the length of a Battleship, but this is clearly something beyond that
The Tian Long is... long
A nice large flying base
The head of this beast is the size of a Frigate!
I am aiming to have the model built and painted for a Battle Report coming soon, so I will be cracking on with that very shortly (as soon as I finish typing, in actual fact). All being well I will be able to post some Work-in-Progress as it happens over the weekend.

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