Saturday, 25 October 2014

What's on the Painting Table? October Edition


This month has been a difficult one for painting - after a strong start with the Chinese Armoured Dragon Robot in preparation for the Battle Report against the Indian Raj, the production line was slowed down as time was spent playing more games, social time with friends and family, and the ever-present threat of work. Nonetheless, I have managed to get a few small things done, including the last (for now!) ships and squadrons for the Chinese Federation. In this blog post, I will be talking about a few of the recent successes and the future projects.

A small number of Chinese vessels have been sitting on my Work-In-Progress pile for some months, and I thought with the recent work on the Armoured Dragon Robot it was time to crack on and finish them off. The third Dun-class Bastion was one of the first things to tick off - of course, it is no longer a legal choice as they come in pairs! I may need to find a fourth...
The second Guan Dao Battlecruiser was painted for the recent guide on painting the Chinese Federation
The third Chui-class Support Carrier takes the squadron to full strength and adds yet another squadron of tiny flyers to the fleet. It was difficult matching the runway to the old style, given the many months since the main bulk of the fleet was painted
The Luxing-class Aerial Bombards were recently boosted with an increase in their squadron size, and fortunately for me the Armoured Dragon Robot boxset comes with three additional planes. Two of these were added to the two I had already finished and now we can field a full squadron
Some additional work on other fleets - first I painted two more squadrons for the Federated States of America. The recently painted San Francisco-class Assault Carrier was detailed with yellow Dive Bombers rather than the usual blue Torpedo Bombers, and now we have the squadrons to match!
Two additional squadrons of tiny flyers and a Reconnaissance Plane were finished for the Indian Raj, giving them the full complement of flyers when I finish the second Carrier. I also gave each squadron markings on their tails
Two more models were added to the Infinity collection - an Alguacil and a repainted Hellcat, who was restarted from scratch. Funnily enough, I feel the same amount of reward painting one model for Infinity as I do for finishing several squadrons for Dystopian Wars - they take a lot of effort!
Some attention was paid to the Federated States of America, working towards finishing off these last few ships. Progress was slower than expected, but the last Destroyers are nearly there
After a great game against the Russian Coalition last weekend, I have decided that the future will see some more attention paid to them. The next Big Project as it were, unless something cool appears on the Pre-Order section!
The next models for Infinity should be the second and third Alguaciles, and after that, some more Hellcats or Remotes
Ultimately, these projects will not be completed for a couple of weeks at least, as I am visiting America for ten days! Work begins anew on the third of November, but excuse me if I am not thinking too much about that!

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  1. Whish you good luck whith your Russian project. :)
    I'll follow that closely as I am involved in quite the same stuff ! Only I have the ancient naval battlegroup almost finished, much to come, and plenty terrestrial stuff ready to paint.
    Thinking about it, don't you like terrestrial unit ? I can't remember seeing any on that blog. :)

  2. I do not have any Land units, no. I like them for certain Nations, but many of the Nations do not have great looking models for Land, and I have not bothered with it. Sea and Air is enough for me at the moment!

  3. You're right, many are rather ugly, like americans and prussians. Or special, we can say.
    Glad I picked the russians !