Sunday, 9 November 2014

Mobile Brigada Mk.II


In September I began painting my copy of Operation: Icestorm with the Mobile Brigada, who was intended to be the start of my Brigada "Pain Train" (Link Team), a potential new Lieutenant and also work as the team's first Heavy Infantry member. The results were documented here and here. I was pretty happy with the result, but a couple of things bugged me about the model, and after some sleepless nights I realised a couple of things needed to be sorted out.

Firstly, the head of the model was painted red, whereas every other model in the team with that pattern of helmet (Wildcats, Hellcats, etc) had been painted black. Painting the helmet black would tie the model in better with the rest of the team, and subdue the colour scheme down to the sinister deep red. I toyed with painting a large area of the chest black as well, but thought this would be too much.

Secondly, the highlights were too stark, and the glowing effect down the belly, the eyes and the calves of the model looked a bit chalky - the highlights of the glow were not neat enough to look natural.

Lastly, the red was the wrong shade. $%&*!

I had used a different shade when highlighting the red on the armour of the Brigada, and though it looked fine as I was painting, as soon as I placed the model next to the rest of the team it became apparent that it was the wrong colour. This was the final straw, and the model had to be stripped and started anew.

The final result is much more in keeping with my standards, and though I do not feel the undersuit hex-mesh is as good as the first time round, and the starburst pattern on the shoulder pad is slightly less even, the red and the overall scheme with the black helmet is much better. I am proud to include the Brigada alongside the rest of the team now, and look forward to running him again sometime soon.

This is the second model I have repainted for the team, following the Hellcat last month. Hopefully this will not be a recurring event!

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