Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Off the Bench


After some time with very little Dystopian activity on the painting table, I took the opportunity to quickly finish the first of my Tambov-class Gunships for the Russian Coalition this week. In line with the rest of the fleet, it took a lot longer than I am used to when painting Dystopian Wars - the layers of Ablative Armour and the huge amount of detail around the funnels and bridge all add up to many hours of careful layering, weathering and neatening up. 

My next fleet will have to have some colour to it - at the moment the most exciting part is the rust and weathering! The Russians do not feature my most colourful scheme, but I find it strikingly brutal, cold and elegant. 

Armed with two turrets, the Tambov-class Gunships brings horrific firepower to the close range bands
The Gunship does not have any other weapons, lacking broadsides and other secondary weaponry, but with two turrets a squadron should be able to rip apart anything that come before them
Compared to the Suvovrov-class Cruiser the Tambov loses the broadsides, one AP and one IR, but gains a second turret, one point of CR and one AA for fifteen extra points
I think this is a difference clearly in favour of the Gunship, and look forward to painting the other two so I can run an entire squadron of them in future games
The Gunship and Cruiser together - quite the pair! I miss the Reinforced Cruiser Squadron and the chance to mix the two classes
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