Saturday, 9 May 2015

Prussian Air Support


The Havel-class Support Carriers of the Prussian Empire are the first vessels to be painted from the new Bombardment Group boxsets - which were unveiled in a previous post. They were painted in my standard Prussian scheme, with a little more attention paid to the flight deck as it dominated so much of the model. Weathering has been painted around the funnels and Tesla-weaponry to add some additional colour to the scheme
Each vessel carries four Support Aircraft Squadrons and is armed with a powerful short-ranged Tesla broadside, for a relatively affordable cost
Defended with good defensive statistics and Rugged Construction, the Havel-class Support Carriers will be difficult to bring down with conventional firepower
As with most carriers they are lightly crewed and could be susceptible to boarding actions - they will need the defence of the squadron to resist 
The Prussian carriers arrayed together
The Tesla broadsides match the design aesthetic of the Rhine-class Assault Carrier
The immense Elbe-class Fleet Carrier dominates the smaller Support Carrier in size, carrier capacity and weaponry, but I think they would work well together - especially the Speerschleuders of the Elbe-class Fleet Carrier in conjunction with the smaller Support Carriers' Tesla broadsides

The Support Aircraft on the flight decks have been painted the traditional green, whereas those aboard the Elbe-class Fleet Carrier are a deep grey. This was originally because I intended to painted the fleets torpedo bombers in grey while the fighter planes and dive bombers would be painted green (with different wing and tail markings). Whether this scheme is carried forward is something I have not yet decided - the Elbe may face repainting soon
The different Medium-sized vessels of the Prussian Empire. The Havel-class Support Carrier is surprisingly large - based on a hull close in size to the Konigsberg-class Battlecruiser
Attaching a Donnerfaust-class Support Cruiser adds valuable Tesla weaponry and improves the survivability of the squadron
The Support Carriers set sail for the World War
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