Sunday, 15 May 2016

Scatter Terrain for Infinity


I've had some big buildings knocking around for a while all in various states of dis-repair and have been exclaiming loudly to anyone who will listen that I really need to get some scatter terrain.

As we know scatter terrain is an essential bit of kit for an Infinity board to knock down those long fire lanes that snipers and HMGs love.

I got these fellas from George who had them spare, so I bought them off him and they look kinda fun to paint so I cracked on with it.

Initially I painted the main colour and the windows flat black, then took them to an event as I had run out of time.  They got so battered and bruised that I had to more or less re-paint them in true Winner Dave style.

I made the mistake of not masking off the main colour areas when I did the windscreens, so there's a real mixed bag of paint brush and air brush work going on.  All I can say is don't look too closely.
In case you don't know, these are offerings from Antenocitis Workshop, I can't wait to buy one of the road systems from Warmill and put these on it, but I'll have to as my painting queue continues to spiral wildly out of control.

Well I hope you like them, I suspect there will be more in the future.


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