Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Antenociti's Police Nemesis

I think it was the day after I declared my project for Infinity vehicles finished that Antenociti's Workshop announced they would no longer be distributing the Nemesis Police Car. The bars were too fragile and had a habit of breaking in transit.  Fortunately I knew my FLGS had one, so that very evening I grabbed it.

The bars were indeed broken in about three places, but nothing a little super glue couldn't deal with. As I had only just "finished" this project I wanted to crack straight on with it so it didn't hang around.  Also, Mayacast announced their Masterglass Competition was going to be a piece of terrain.

Unfortunately I thought I wouldn't get this done in time for the competition, as I was waiting for Police stickers/decals/stencils so I entered something else. I managed to find these stickers for Scaletrix cars - they're not as good as decals, but they do okay and mean that once again project vehicles for Infinity is done... for now.

Thanks for looking,

Winner Dave


  1. Shame it's out of production, it's a cracking model. Nice job on the paint work!

    1. Thank you. It is a shame, but can totally understand why they pulled it.