Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Tombstone Kickstarter

You may have read my recent post detailing the upcoming Kickstarter by Black Scorpion miniatures for their new game set in the Wild West - Tombstone. After several weeks of frenzied fundraising, the Kickstater is due to finish in a couple of days - and it's looking very healthy.

Seven factions are being fleshed out with new models - Lawmen, Outlaws, Natives, 7th Cavalry, Mexicans, Female Cowboys and the Undead (something a little different...), and here's a small selection. I might not be learning their new game just yet as Dead Man's Hand is the more popular choice in my local gaming store, but I find these models far superior and would love to run a posse of... well, all of the Factions! 7th Cavalry have my attention at the moment, as well as the Mexicans.

Check out the Kickstarter for more...
Lawman Boss - the Sheriff

Lawmen - love the third from the left

Mexican Boss

Mexican Banditos

Native American Chief

7th Cavalry Commander

7th Cavalry out in force

Female Cowboys
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