Monday, 18 September 2017

Epsolon Buildings for Infinity

For the last few months I've been painting up some buildings for Infinity.  

As with every new project I mentally turned myself inside out trying to come up with a theme that isn't just a copy of someone else's.  

I tried a few variations on a small building, which had a mis-print. In the end a mate suggested I take inspiration from googling Alhambra... I really like the high colour and intricate mosaics on sandstone and settled on trying to incorporate the idea into my theme.

Again, as with any theme, it takes a little developing and building one looks different to building two and so on.  I feel the second building (small) is the worst of the bunch; I over-highlighted which lead to me adding too much weathering to try and mask it.

Each building has a removable roof, an external staircase, openable windows and doors.

We've found in the past that Infinity tables can end up with two levels, the ground and the roof top. Dan (who made the buildings) decided to make the buildings have slightly different levels to break that habit.  It does mean the connecting bridges don't look right between different-sized buildings, but should look really nice when I've got a few more small buildings done.

The small building can be added to the large, so I'm going to need quite a few of them. You can see the hatch in the top left corner of the large building roof.  There's a ladder leading down to the interior.

Interior shots, as you can see the large building has rooms with connecting doors.  The garage door has a frame it can slide back into which is neat, but will make moving models around a little awkward.

Well, thanks for reading.  I'm desperate to paint a model (terrain takes so long to do), but now I have an initial start I'm going to add to it as and when I can.


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