Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Special Crisis Unit


Striding forward into my games, the Kriza Borac Special Crisis Unit

This monstrous Heavy Infantry brings some serious weight to the Nomad arsenal, and a brand new rule - Full Auto. The Kriza Borac sports Full Auto Level 2, in fact, giving him both an extra shot in the Active Turn and imposing an additional -3 to opponent's Face-to-Face rolls when shooting. A negative that cannot be bypassed, and one that makes the Kriza Borac an impressive foe in any firefight

The Kriza Borac runs a good number of different loadouts, some heavy on the SWC like the HMG, others expensive in points. My personal favourite is the Mk12 and 360 Visor - an insane combination when on Suppressive Fire. In Cover and with Full Auto in effect, the Kriza Borac imposes -9 to enemy shooting! 

The Kriza Borac matches the bulk of the Taskmaster, albeit with the massive canisters on his back and the single heavy shoulder pad. The tubes running from the back of his head also add weight to the model. I elected to paint them yellow to compliment the scheme, a colour I had recently used on the Gecko Pilot

Soul, Muscle and The Money - representatives from the three great ships of the Nomad Nation

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