Sunday, 19 November 2017

Convoy Vessels


Roughly one year ago I took part in the Dropzone Commander tournament at Reading Warfare, which was a good laugh and my first two-day Dropzone tournament. The weekend was not just a tournament but a bit of a shopping trip - a huge number of different companies, shops, stalls and stands were present shilling their wares. At the time I was still waiting for my Dropfleet Kickstarter pledge, and wanted something space-based to paint while I waited.

These merchant vessels from Full Thrust by Ground Zero Games caught me eye - a close-enough scale for Dropfleet and a good variety. I picked up a handful for a very nice price... and the following week my Dropfleet Kickstarter pledge arrived. The merchants would end up waiting.

And so they have sat in their box for almost a year, waiting patiently for their turn. The UCM have dominated my painting schedule, but now they are almost complete and I have turned my brush to something a little more colourful. I kept the colours subdued but tried to get away from the solid grey that has dominated the UCM fleet, and found a little wash to weathering and verdigris has really given them something special. I realise that space ships would (hopefully!) not suffer too much from weathering and rust, but I wanted a used-future feel, and it also provides a great cover for mistakes with the paintjob or casting.

Followers of the blog will know that I constructed a sizable force of Merchants and Civilian Vessels for Dystopian Wars, and now I can do the same thing in Dropfleet Commander! They might not have any official rules at the moment, but I am sure I can work something out for them, or simply use them as terrain.

All of these models are from the Full Thrust range, aside from the Princess-class Luxury Liner, which most Dropfleet Commander players will recognise from the Kickstarter. A small number were converted with pieces from the Space Station set, giving them some nice engines to add to the variety and make them look extra special.
The Reconquest requires constant resupply and rearmament, and as the war drags on, more and more non-military vessels risk their lives for humanity's dream

In-system cargo vessels have been heavily modified for greater distance travel in order to bring vital supplies to the Cradle Worlds

The grand Waste Recycling Vessel and a smaller shorthaul cargo ship 

Vessels of all sizes operate every day between the Colonies, and now the warzones of the Cradle Worlds

The Princess-class Luxury Liner Fhloston Paradise

Its luxurious smooth lines stand in contrast to the utilitarian UCM Battleships and the boxy civilian ships

Several high-ranking UCM dignitaries are escorted out of danger by two Athens-class Light Cruisers

The convoy is escorted over a world of the Colonies - nowhere is safe now the Scourge have begun their counter-attack

Safety in numbers against the lurking hunters of the Scourge fleet

Equanimity, a short-haul cargo freighter and rumoured smuggling vessel pressed into service

These vessels carry the future of the Cradle Worlds - once the Reconquest is over, Reconstruction can begin

Merchant, Civilian and Support vessels operating in support of Battlefleet Carthage

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  1. Great job! Beautiful as always

  2. Equanimity, nice! Is she a gloworm class freighter!?! Is that mini from the firefly game?

    Fab work as always.