Sunday, 15 July 2018

Hired Guns

A couple of weeks ago I revealed my first few non-Goliath models for Necromunda, which included Yolanda Skorn, ex-Escher Bounty Hunter, and my loathsome Ghoul conversion (both of which are shown in the picture above). Since that time I have been busy, first with an annual family holiday, and then busy painting more Bounty Hunters, Hired Guns and Scum! I am aiming to have a good number of non-gang affiliated fighters painted up soon, and these are the start! One day I might even run them as a Venator gang.

This week, I can show off three more models - the remaining two offerings from the Forgeworld scum set, and a third converted from one of Joker's Clowns from the Batman miniature game. More to follow!

"Mad Dog" Mono - Longshoreman and one of the most detailed 28mm models I can remember painting - so many different layers of cloth, armour and straps! 

This is the model I tend to test all the different scales from different ranges against - as you can see he is a little bit smaller than my Goliath Champion Gunnar!

Grub Targeson AKA "Lumpy Nox" - like Mad Dog before him, I followed the colour scheme used by the Forgeworld team very closely. His skin is a big paler, and his tunic/coat a little browner, but otherwise he is very close. It was nice to use a lot of colours I do not often choose, like the purple and red on the weapon

Unnamed (at this stage!) Scum - I painted the trousers in a prison orange, giving the impression of a recently escaped prisoner, or some kind of Penal Legionnaire. Since taking this picture I have improved some of the skin around the armpits and orange belt loops - more pictures to follow!

View from the back - clearly the Clown is a simpler sculpt, but I think it still fits in well

The Hired Guns as they stand - some bigger guys on the way like Gor Half-Horn himself! 
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