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Titans of House Goliath

Shown here are three of the Champions and the Leader for my current Necromunda gang, the Rust Belt Overlords of House Goliath. There's a little colour text under each picture - all of these "achievements" were from the campaign I am playing in at the moment (my first in N17!). The 'Belters have acquitted themselves very well in the tunnels of HB-111, winning the majority of their games and getting a reputation as the gang not to mess with.

I do not know how much longer we will be playing this campaign, and I definitely have my eyes on the next gang to be released  - House Cawdor. If I do shift allegiances in the future, I will keep the Goliaths ready as an NPC gang to help out - I enjoy playing and painting them far too much to just retire!

The three Champions were named the Zayas "brothers" in my head, as they all use the same body and head - I guess I really like this particular shouting face! Maybe they're not blood-related, but the vats that House Goliath use to enhance and grow their subjects resulted in a handful of guys who look a bit too similar? Whatever the reason, I think they all look really cool, and even with the involved conversion for the servo-harness done for the Leader, I'm not sure which one is my favourite. Currently... Gunnar. 
Gunnar Zayas, first of the Zayas brothers to venture down into the lost dome HB-111. Mentally unstable after numerous brain traumas induced by combat-stimms, he has carved a brutal reputation through the Underhive as a mad butcher, famously destroying a rogue Excavaion automata in single combat, cutting down several hideous mutant-hybrid Aberrants and hobbling the Suicide Kings gang of House Cawdor 

He carries a chainaxe and an industrial rocksaw. On his back, numerous illegal and highly toxic stimulants

Gunnar faces the Longshoreman

Guthrum Zayas, youngest of the brothers and probably the sanest. He carries a pair of chainaxes with which he famously cut down the leader of the Dancing Claws gang of House Escher

Guthrum carries a holstered combat shotgun, for close encounters

Gregor Zayas, another of the 'Belters drug-crazed enforcers. He too carries an industrial rocksaw, which crippled the leader of the Tombstone Mining Corps. of House Orlock, and cut down a swathe of the Lurking Darkness, a warp-cult festering deep in the Underhive

His brute strength handles the massive rocksaw with ease, while on his shoulder is a makeshift dispenser for blasting charges which scatter the foe before him

The Zayas brothers are a fearsome sight, and all three together are all but unstoppable

Overlord of the Rust Belt, Loghar Khotari is the master of the 'Belters and rules with several iron fists. His many injuries across a lifetime of gang warfare have been overcome with a metallic servo-harness fused to his very bones. The guns attached to this frame are deadly, but he prefers to kill with his bare hands; beating the enemy to a pulp and breaking bones in a horrific show of force

The servo-harness came at great expense for House Goliath, but they are generous benefactors to those who bring them glory

Khotari's great mohawk in an impressive sight

Loghar Khotari prefers to fight close, but the Heavy Bolter carried by his mechanical arms occasionally gets some use!

Overlords of the Rust Belt out in force! 
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