Monday, 29 September 2014

Mobile Brigada


The Mobile Brigada is finished! I'm not going to lie, this was a challenge to get to a stage I am happy with. I am still not 100% satisfied, but frankly I think I need a break from the model and will have to come back to it in the near future, and have a look with fresh eyes. 

That said, I am mostly pleased with current state of the model, and look forward to putting it on the table later in the week. The local club is starting an Escalation League soon, and it will be fun to run this guy in a small game as my Lieutenant - I think I need something with real power if I cannot run my Link Team or TAGs. 

"How many drops is this for you, Lieutenant?"
"Thirty-eight... simulated."
"How many *combat* drops?"
"Uh, two... including this one."
"Oh man."
"He's coming in... I feel safer already."
Inexperience as he may be, the Brigada is still battered and weathered, with several large chips across his layered power armour
The shoulder pad bears the white star-burst emblem, a recurring motif across the force 
The tubes coming from the back of the helmet are a nod to the *ahem* lovely original model
The hexagon-pattern mesh is still one of my favourite details 
"All right. Now listen up. I want this to go smooth and by the numbers. I want DCS and tactical database assimilation by 0830. Ordnance loading, weapons strip and drop-ship details will have seven hours."
"Alright sweethearts, you heard the man and you know the drill - assholes and elbows!"

I like to imagine that a new Lieutenant turning up to lead a seasoned team from Corregidor would have his work cut out for him, something similar to Lt. Gorman from Aliens (hence the quotes). His big suit of pretty armour would probably not help smooth things over. Hopefully he will be somewhat more successful in the coming campaign!

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  1. Looks awesome. Love the white stripes...oh and the terrain in the background looks pretty good too.