Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Infinity Escalation League 2015 - Results


The 2015 Escalation League at our local gaming store has drawn to a close, and with the painting competition adding some bonus points, I have finished in second place! Obviously I am very pleased with this result, especially following some seriously mixed results in my five games. I'm chuffed that the effort put into painting several new models for the League has paid off.
I have been playing with the Jurisidictional Command of Corregidor for over a year now, with nearly sixty games under my belt, but there are still models to paint and new tactics to try out. Although I might be distracted with Dropzone Commander and various terrain projects at the moment, Infinity is (and will remain) a major feature of my hobby time. In the coming weeks, the local gaming club is concentrating on an Academy of sorts for the new players, leaving the "veterans" to make their own entertainment - all well and good! Time to work on some different loadouts and profiles for future tournaments.
The first iteration of the High Rollers, for their first 300pt tournament
As they stand today - with still more models to finish! This small army currently stands at 1,048pts
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  1. Great looking force. After 60 games what are your thoughts on infinity as a system to play?

  2. Infinity is intense to the extreme - as you react to everything your opponent does, you have to be involved for every moment of the game - tiring after a couple of hours, I can tell you! It takes a lot of attention, and a lot of practise.

    It is not a forgiving system, and really rewards the player who has invested the time to learn their list and learn what they can about the opponent's force. Money (and owning the biggest and newest toy) is less of an issue than, say, certain more mainstream games, but having a big collection to draw from helps - though this is not a big issue as proxying is an accepted part of the game.

    Overall I think Infinity is worth the effort, but you shouldn't think it's an easy "Beer and Pretzels" game. It can one of the most rewarding and fun systems to play I have yet encountered, but will tax your brain. Finding a good number of like-minded individuals willing to put the effort in will reward you no end.