Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Secure The Flanks


JUNE 18th. 2671AD

++ Classified Level 4 - Senate, Admiralty and AHQ Officers Eyes Only ++

Operations in the Sparshead Plateau theatre have begun in earnest, with forward bases established along the western entrances to the largest urban zone (cf. Sparshead Gamma). Naval and aerial assets patrol the eastern limits, curtailing both reinforcement and escape. Initial deployment was achieved ahead of schedule.

Scourge presence in this sector is significant but in-line with previous estimations, and following the success of a probing attack into the old financial district, more operations were planned and a frontline formed. The majority of the Scourge forces have not been drawn out by this attack and remain in their defensive positions deeper within the urban zones - we cannot commit to a mass assault until we have a greater idea of their strength and capability. 

Following the completion of the initial attack, multiple heat blooms were detected in zones previously thought abandoned - it seems we have drawn the attention of a significant Resistance presence operating in the theatre, and their appearance has coincided with several emergency transmissions from our scout teams in said areas. This unforeseen mobilisation along our left flank is an added complication to the mission, and may yet have serious negative consequences for the ongoing action in the entire region.

At this time we have little intelligence regarding the strength of the Resistance forces or their intentions, but given the status of our scout teams I must conclude (at this time) that they are hostile. I have attempted to open peaceful discourse across all channels, and charged Colonel J. Rogers with securing this exposed flank and rescuing the scout teams, should they still live.

Further information will be communicated as soon as it is available. 

"Initial deployment was by-the-book, tight and fast into the landing zone as we'd seen in the simulations. None of us knew what to expect - we'd been warned it was not a Scourge op, no aliens, but we were carrying way too much hardware to rescue some lost scouts...
- Private First Class Vitalij Heider, 107th Drop Regiment, debriefing +++SEQUESTERED+++Level 5 clearance required+++

- Continuous broadcast during combat over all channels, suspected Resistance in origin

"Hostile forces concentrated their ground forces along the left flank of the central objective, moving their heavy armour to strike our own armoured squadrons. Orbital fire called down from the Colonel's Kodiak ACV smashed one of their battle tanks, but it was all a distraction - the Rapier and Sabres were ambushed by skirmishers on motorbikes. It was crazy, suicide! The madmen ploughed into the middle of our formation and destroyed five of our tanks before we could reposition to halt them. I'd never seen anything like this before..."

"The Wolverine scouts were lost early, smashed by their ramshackle helicopter gunships, but the Raven Dropships spotted infantry in half-tracks trying to escape with an objective. A second orbital strike stopped that plan, and the Praetorians secured the remains of the scout intelligence." 


First contact has been made with the Resistance forces at Sparshead Plateau, and they have been found unilaterally hostile. We have recovered the communication and recording equipment of the lost scout teams, but suffered heavy losses (est. 51 casualties/9 armour pieces lost) and failed to secure the area. The scout teams were all dead by the time the taskforce reached them, mutilated and cannibalised. 

Review of the incident and the scout teams intel has revealed a well-armed and armoured force, albeit lacking in discipline and with little appreciation of our objectives. I have already authorised the pursuit and destruction of this rogue element without prejudice, and sequestered elements of my forces in the area to deal with this threat before it impacts upon our greater mission. 

This report remains at a high level of classification due to the sensitive nature of the "Feral" Resistance forces and potential impact on UCM morale. Further updates on the situation here will be communicated as soon as it is available. 

The Resistance has made their first move, and they were narrowly defeated in a 3 - 2 LOSS as Joe managed to secure the three Objectives while I had one Focal Point. In terms of Kill Points I had scored 484pts while Joe 288pts - brutal! Had the game continued, I doubt I would have been able to salvage any of the Objectives before Joe got them off the board, beyond securing the second Focal Point. As usual, Joe played the mission, I played to kill. 

Painting progress has been good, finishing a large number of the ground vehicles. Next up, I want to paint some infantry stands, but am increasingly tempted to work on a Lifthawk or Cyclone Gunship. We shall see!

 I have had my first taste of the playstyle and potential of the Resistance, and it was a lot of fun. A second game awaits me this week, this time with proper Commanders and maybe even the Command Cards - exciting stuff! 

Thanks for reading, 


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