Saturday, 15 August 2015

The War Rig


"You're sitting on two thousand horsepower of nitro-boosted war machine..."
- Furiosa
I began playing and collecting the Resistance for Dropzone Commander based off one movie - Mad Max: Fury Road. Those who have followed my adventures with the Resistance from the beginning may recognise that I liked this movie a lot!

I have spent most of my gaming and painting time with the more militaristic aspects of the Resistance  (their tanks, gunships and jumpjets), but as I finish the last few of these squadrons I thought it was time to start looking at the civilian side - the haphazard, rugged technicals and wagons, the battle buses and crudely-welded all-terrain vehicles. Some of my initial conversions can be seen in a previous post, as I added extra engines and spikes to some technicals to make them resemble the Buzzard's spiky cars from the film. 

Last week I was scouring the local model train shop for n-scale civilian cars (for both scenic bases and Resistance conversions) when I happened upon a large gas tanker. Returning home and finding a spare Gun Wagon with the appropriate size and shape, I knew it was time for the War Rig!

Three hours of scouring the web for detailed pictures of the rig and bringing together pieces from a dozen different kits, it is finally here. 
The War Rig
Under attack from the Warboys - this picture gave me a useful back view
Technical schematics revealed a great deal of the details - especially the placement of the howdahs and dais where the Warboys defend the Rig
The project so far - looking at these pictures, I have decided to cut down the poles jutting from the tanker and replace them with something thinner, as they are a bit too thick
Several n-scale cars have been butchered to make the various car bodies welded onto the Rig, while an n-scale tractor and a jewellery bead make the fuel pod at the back. Spikes from various plastic kits and carved from spare resin adorn the sides of the tanker
Instead of harpoon guns, this War Rig has several machine guns for defence
There are of course a large number of differences with the "real" War Rig, but I think the key pieces are there!
The imposing silhouette of the War Rig, ready to enter the Dropzone!
The Rig alongside a handful of technicals and wagons
I am looking forward to bringing this awesome vehicle to the battlefield - but what to count it as?
Aside from several big construction jobs, I have been busy painting a third Cyclone Gunship
This brings the squadron to three and is the last model to finish my original 1,500pt Resistance list
There will be a fourth, but I find three is ample without sinking too many points
Next time, we will see some minor changes to the War Rig, and maybe a lick of paint! 

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  1. That war rig is amazing. Wonderfully executed conversion. Can't wait to see it all painted up!

  2. Count it as a Battle Bus. That's what I've been planning mine to be used as