Wednesday, 11 November 2015

More Giant Robots!


Before the turn of the New Year, we will be treated with another pair of Dreadnought-Robots, this time for the Grand Coalition. The Federated States of America add another robot to their arsenal with the immense Restitution Battle Robot, while the Kingdom of Britannia focus on guns with their Windsor Mobile Fortification. Both look to bring some serious firepower to their respective Nations, and will help balance things against the Empire of the Blazing Sun and the Prussian Empire.

As before, they both look pretty nuts, but fit the aesthetic of their Nations well and should look great with a proper paintjob. At first I was severely unimpressed with the Restitution's method of travel, but it has grown on me and I think I prefer it to the other FSA Robots. The Britannian walking fortress is different enough to be more than "just another big robot" and I am definitely in favour of some unusual designs for future releases.
The Restitution-class Dreadnought-Robot is the FSA's answer to the ongoing robotic arms race. Unable to fly, it still skims above the surface with massive leg-mounted thrusters
Alternative arms with massive gatling cannons give more of an Iron Man feel
The rocket-powered hammer is ridiculous, I like it a lot
Not just another big robot, the Kingdom of Britannia have built a giant walking castle! 
I am looking forward to seeing the stats for those cannons!
I don't think this one looks quite as cool sitting in the water, but it is still an impressive fortification
Bring on something big for the Russian Coalition!

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  1. That Windsor looks fucking awesome! Might have to bite the bullet and get this and planes and submarines, screw the surface vessels 😀