Saturday, 14 November 2015

Yet More Dystopian Robots


Spartan Games have revealed the Dreadnought-Robot for the Russian Coalition, the Svarog-class Dreadnought-Robot. The initial blog post can be found here, but I imagine it will make its way into the Online Store soon enough.

Here are the pictures...

Oh. Oh dear.

Lots to like, and lots to dislike about this model. Aiming for the Boyar-look, okay, I understand that. The axes are pretty cool, but run the risk of awkward posing, especially when the model is based on the ocean. I like the shoulder guns and the superstructure on the back of the model... but the head. What's wrong with your face? Perhaps a different head will salvage the model for me? As it stands, I will not be purchasing this model, which is a damn shame as I feel there was a lot of potential here.

In happier news, December sees the release of Token Sets for Dystopian Wars. Working in the same manner I use Litko Tokens and the card tokens supplied with each boxset, these look like a nice release and, though not essential, could help supplement my Litko Tokens and give my Battle Reports a refresher. I like the Critical Effect Tokens as they are a great deal visual than the paper tokens, while the standard set could be used to mark which squadrons have activated.

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