Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Leading Mankind to a Better Future

Firstly let me introduce myself - I'm Coxer - I oppose everything George stands for, but for all his faults I have come to contribute to his site - and also plot his downfall!

Having had many games over the years against him I realised I needed to start a system he was playing so I could beat him once again - and by allowing him a few months headstart he has a fighting chance!

So I've started DZC - I've gone for PHR as I think their look is iconic of the DZC universe, and the models themselves look awesome. I recently completed the starter box, and this is what I have to show for it, hope you enjoy...

This is my second attempt at DZC, and the first time attempting a semi-urban look. After some recent experience with stencils, I decided to use them again on these models - utter disaster - just looked wrong! So into the Dettol!

So back to the drawing board, earlier this year I had a real pleasure painting an Egyptian t55 force, so as I had the paints I thought I'd try this in DZC.

Having stripped the models as best possible, I used coat of Vallejo Desert Tan as a base layer. Following this I used MiG's US Modern Vehicle over the surfaces of the model - first important thought - coming from WW2 (and slightly later) painting, I've noticed how all the DZC PHR models have lots of exposed metal - if you can fly through space you can use whatever paint you use to cover the metal on all parts of the vehicle - so that's my aim (probably with the exception of machine guns).

Having applied the base of modern armour, I then some German Sand Beige as a highlight. Next I wanted to apply camo stripes, after the stencil screw up I decided to free hand with the airbrush. Now I chose Vallejo Air Khaki Brown as the first colour - it looks great as a break of a desert camo, but for the second colour I wanted something a bit more 'sci-fi' as such I went red (Vallejo Rust)

Next up was painting the undercarriages of my drop ships, I guessed that much like air units in the past having a blue to go with the sky (note - why would alien sky be blue - should have done pink) this was then drybushed with a light grey.

Next was the bare metal - now I really dislike metallic paints, so used Medium Grey by Vallejo again highlighted with Medium Sea Grey. After that I used the same two colours to sponge chip the vehicles. I went a little mad with this as I like the effect on areas I would imagine have heavy ware (areas close to the ground, hatches, close to the drop ship connector)

With this done I then applied my AK DAK filter, it's I think done a good job harmonising the US armour and brown, but the rust is possibly a little more prominent now - note for next time less rust stripes!

So with that dry I busted out the brown panel line - bit different than on the old ww2 tanks (the lines don't make as much sense) but they added some nice definition.

With that done the models looked 'OK' but once again I really wanted to make that break between gritty realistic and slightly more 'sci-fi' as such I decided the lenses would be Vallejo game colour Electric Blue - and also a few other components as well just to break up the model. I remembered years ago being told something about 'triangle' when using accent colours so have tried to roughly do that on these. Following a coat of Electric Blue, I then added some Vallejo Model Colour Sky Blue to highlight it. The lenses took five mixes to get the effect - something I'd not done since my old Eldar army. I also added some Umber Shade over a couple of grills at this time, and drybrushed my gun barrels a mixture of black and brown for some firing damage. I next used some Vallejo Panzer Aces Dark Grey Rubber for the Juno's tracks, and highlighted this with Medium Sea Grey.

With the basic colours done, now it was time to weather the models. So first up was my DAK Streaking Grime by MiG - it's a lovely dirty grey - great for grime in the desert - a few vertical streaks in the roughly appropriate place and the job looks good!

Next is the dust - I've focuses on the lower portions of the model as that's where I'd expect it to aggregate - I've also learnt from past experience that dust can obliterate panel lining so I only do it in specific places now (or to cover mistakes) I thinned down some MiG Light Dust and applied two layers, one about half way up the legs, the second just above the feet a few hours later. Once they were both dry I grabbed some MiG Dust Powder, mixed it with some pigment fixer and applied it to the lower reaches again.

With that in place I grabbed the gloss varnish for the various lenses.

Now with the undercarriage it needs a little more love, so first things first  - the engines. I want the blue reflected here so blasted the Electric Blue down there, then the Sky Blue, then a 50:50 sky blue and white mix. I'm not too worried about smudges as frankly it's rough lighting.

Next out I've tried to keep details fairly dull - so grey with lighter grey highlights only.

Finally are the infantry - I put these off for ages as they just perplexed me, realising I needed to reflect the armies colours in them too. As such the main armour is the US Modern and German Sand Beige, the face Electric Blue with the Sky Blue mix - I've then used the brown from the camouflage on the base edge, and put some Vallejo Desert Pumice on the bases. I've studded these with some rocks and these are painted with the rust as well. Finally rocks and pumice get a khaki drybrush to reflect the dust on the vehicles. Once this is done I attached some tufts which I had lying around just to help break the bases up a little more.

Anyway hope you like this stuff, there will be more in the near future!


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