Thursday, 17 December 2015

Special Deterrence Group

This week I have been concentrating on another addition for my Infinity collection, one of the fantastic Special Deterrence Group Azra'il. Converted slightly with the head of a Mobile Brigada, this model was the first iteration of my proxy McMurrough, Mercenary Dog Warrior  made some months ago. Finally I have finished painting it, ready for the third round of the latest Infinity Escalation League. 
Looking for something to bridge the gap between the Reptile series T.A.G.s and the Heavy Infantry of the Mobile Brigada Regiments, the mercenary outfit known as the "High Rollers" acquired and heavily refitted a number of archaic powered-armour suits from the brigands of the Qapu Khalqi. Originally used for aggressive patrol and provocative contact, the modifications made by the Clockmakers made them lighter, but faster and still able to carry the immense weaponry of the Azra'il Special Deterrence Group. Somewhat outmoded and lacking in advanced processing systems, they have proven simple to maintain and easier to defend from enemy cyber-warfare
Bulky and imposing, the modified heavy armour is remarkably fast, able to move through narrow corridors of spaceships and orbitals that would stop even the light Gecko models. Not a true T.A.G., it instead operates alongside the heavy infantry of the Mobile Brigada Regiments in a supporting role, plugging gaps and covering where they might fall. It is also intended to run alongside the lighter Wildcats and Alguacile squads, offering heavy armour support without the need for the extensive hacking and engineer support network of a Brigada or Gecko deployment
Nicknamed the Jaragua after one of the smallest known species of lizard, this experiment has not been adopted by the greater Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor, and is instead considered a curiosity, an indulgence by a mercenary company with too much time and money on their hands
Serious combat assessment and analysis has not yet been finished as field testing has not yet begun
Nonetheless, their is hope that the Jaragua will prove an intimidating and impressive addition to the arsenal of the High Rollers, and the resources dedicated to this project will be justified
I used this model because I am not a huge fan of the McMurrough model, and wanted something suitable to proxy him in my Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor force. I trust it will not be too confusing. In the future, I might expand my Nomads into the Qapu Khalqi Sectorial for Haqqislam, with a strong Nomad-influence. At this point I could run him as a proper Azra'il. 
Alguaciles accompany the Jaragua into the slums
Wildcats move up as the Jaragua gives covering fire
A selection of the heaviest gear available to the High Rollers
Nomad specialists enter the fray
Since the release of this model and my subsequent purchase and conversion, Corvus Belli have released the Azra'il with HMG, a model I think is far more suited for conversion and proxying as the weapon is easier to turn into a giant Chain Rifle. I will be buying this model soon enough and working on the second version! 
Tomcat offers support
Painting the Azra'il was fairly long-winded as he is covered in armour plating, but once the red was finished the rest of the model came together rather quickly. The biggest problem I am having with my Infinity models at the moment is keeping the colours consistent - because I only paint two or three per month, each with wildly different amounts of red armour, sometimes I forget the correct ratios of red and ochre, etc. I trust that he matches the warmer reds of the Alguaciles and Remotes, but worry he is somewhat more orange than my Mobile Brigada. 

What's next for Infinity? The second Azra'il potentially, or something a little smaller...

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