Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Sneak Peek


2015 was a year for Infinity, Dropzone Commander and Dystopian Wars, with a number of tournaments attended, models painted and campaigns played through. As we reach the end of this year, I look to the future - will it be more of the same? At the moment, I think not!

Infinity took a backseat for the latter half of 2015, and I see this trend continuing for the early months of 2016. It is not to say that I dislike the game or have developed any big issues with it, but at the moment I have no real drive to play it, and this then extends to my painting. I might paint a few more models to finish off the Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor, but in the mean time other, more exciting projects have come and taken my attention.
The latest release for the Nomad Nation, the Spektr Minelayer is a fantastic piece
The biggest of these this year has been Dropzone Commander. This game has really started to develop in my local gaming club, and a number of old friends have also started to get into it - you might even see some of their work on the blog in the coming weeks! My Resistance forces continue to grow, and I am content to keep working on them and a gaming table rather than expanding into a second faction - I'll be saving my efforts and money for the upcoming release of Dropfleet Commander next summer!
The UCM fleet out in force
Renders for the Battle Cruisers show the different fleets on the way
For the future of the Resistance, I am looking to finish painting my NT-5 Thunderstorm Custom and a host of the latest releases like the Scout ATVs, Sappers and Gunnar the Ferryman. After that, I hope to finish off more Technicals and then work on some Allied assets to give me a full range of options for the Invasion Tournament in January. Combined with other systems, this should keep me busy until the release of Dropfleet Commander.
The latest releases for the Resistance
Scout ATVs run disruption for their more aggressive comrades
Sappers rig the battlefield with traps
Dystopian Wars continues to hold my attention, albeit in a less serious manner than Dropzone Commander because I do not have a huge number of fellow gamers and do not plan to attend any tournaments. Instead, the Hunt for the Markgraf narrative campaign continues, and I will be painting more models for that, as well as expanding further afield with some reinforcements for the Chinese Federation and League of Italian States in the future.

The biggest project for the start of the year will be to bring the Kingdom of Britannia into the campaign - I have recently bought and built a large number of Submarines, and look forward to getting them ready to hunt down the rogue Dreadnought in an upcoming Battle Report!
I am currently considering the camouflage scheme for these models
New games for the New Year include the Batman Miniature Game and Alien versus Predator: The Hunt Begins, both of which have me seriously interested with their incredible miniatures. Gaming-wise I am not as gripped (though I have not even tried Batman), but at least my local gaming club has a large presence to teach me the games and hold my interest!

Alien versus Predator-wise I already have some miniatures and more on the way from the Kickstarter (God willing), but am waiting for some resin bases to give a good spaceship decking feel. My friends are concentrating on painting the Aliens and Colonial Marines, so I think I will be starting with the Predators - my favourites anyway!
I am looking forward to trying to replicate the bio-mechanical blue/grey.brown of the Xenomorphs
I have a lot of experience painting soldiers, but the camouflage of the Colonial Marines is surprisingly complex
Larger, but no less detailed, the Predators will be a lot of fun
I also have some models for Batman ready, some painted a long time in the past as a fun project, and others still in their blister packs. I think if I am to start the game properly I will be looking to form an Arrow-themed band (the TV show is a big guilty pleasure of mine) and later a Watchmen-themed crew, as I have all five of the models and love both the comic and the movie. The annoying thing about the Batman Miniature Game is their release schedule - every month something really cool comes out and makes me want to change my mind!
Who Watches the Watchmen?
The team is still missing their sixth member - perhaps he is a little too powerful for the game!
The Arrow
Season Two's team is my favourite, with the original Black Canary
So there we are! Infinity on the backburner, rounding out the latest releases for Dropzone Commander, continuing the campaign for Dystopian Wars (plus a new fleet - Kingdom of Britannia!) and then dabbling in Batman and Alien versus Predator.

Should be a good one!

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