Monday, 18 July 2016

Aleph Force ASSembled

A small miracle has just occurred, I've finally got a fully painted ALEPH force together.  This has been years in the making. I've had some of these figures for a looong time, so it's good to get a coherent scheme together.

The Ekdromoi is one of my favourite units. Although this one is carrying an HMG he's always a proxy for a Boarding Shotgun.

I play him so often that most of my opponents expect to see him rock up in Turn 2, usually I walk him on from the sides and either get him into close combat or use the template to lay some hurt down. Super Jump is just a cool ability and that too has been used to hurt snipers in high places.

I would really like to try out the Hacker variant and also run Diomedes some time.

To round the force out, its my Daleth Rebot.  This thing doesn't get used very often, but when he does he's super useful. I've used his Sensor ability to grant a +6 modifier when discovering nasty camo tokens and also the Triangulated Fire to take out an entrenched sniper and HMG pair.

To my shame I've not really used the fact that it's a Repeater, which I really want to get into the habit of remembering.  His main function is to cover the Forward Observer role, which in ITS missions is important to have.

So the list I normally run is done and thank goodness, because I am bored stiff of it too.  Now that I I have this base, I want to tweak the list and continually pump in new blood.  Although with the tonne of terrain I have to paint and Red Veil about to drop... I'm not holding my breath.

Here's a couple of family shots to see us out.



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