Saturday, 24 December 2016

Hawk Advent Calendar Previews

Over the past few days, Hawk Wargames have been spoiling us with a glimpse at next year's releases. Crucially, we can see the Corvettes for Dropfleet Commander are not far off, and Dropzone has not been forgotten by any stretch. Let's take a closer look...
The Shaltari Mercenary Commander - look at that ridiculous gun! I love the Firedrake model, but this is a little much for my tastes...

The Jungle Devil's modified Oppressor again seems to favour the overly large weaponry, but I like the details on the rest of the "shell"

I expected something different for the PHR Famous Commander; certainly not this festive sleigh. Perhaps it will grow on me?

Now we're talking! The new wings and additional weaponry make the Phoenix look even cooler! 

The PHR Corvette is sleek and simple, but has a somewhat odd shape that I'm not completely sold on. This is a model I want to see painted and sitting alongside the rest of the fleet

Perfection! Aggressive and armed to the teeth. I'm happy with my own kitbash Corvettes, but this is still a must-buy!

The Shaltari get another curious addition - I had no idea what a good shape for their Corvette would be, but I did not expect this! Nonetheless, I think it will look great painted up

The Scourge Corvette looks funky, but I honestly prefer some of the kitbashes I have seen online that match the rest of the fleet more closely

Fantastic overcompensation here - this looks like it could really threaten the orbiting vessels!

Some rather basic sketches for the Fauna round out the collection of images - this one looks a little Cloverfield-like to me!

My First Dropzone Fauna? Cool looking monsters, but I hope their poses are a bit more dynamic when they're finished!
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