Saturday, 24 December 2016

New York, New York


The first Battleship for my UCM fleet has finally been completed; the New York-class Battleship and attendant Launch Assets

This beast was actually completed nearly two weeks ago, but difficulties at Work have delayed my photography

The New York is an incredibly detailed monster, with all the details captured precisely by the resin. The lines are so much finer in resin than plastic - it takes a patient hand and mind
I elected for a large number of white panels to break up the grey of the hull

The engines were given more attention than usual, owing to the superiority of the detail. Here, we see the blue glow

The size of the New York-class Battleship made evident

Waves of Bombers sally forth from the extensive launch bays at the bow of the ship

Dozens of defence lasers prepare to protect against enemy ordnance

A handful of the vessels that make up Battlefleet New Carthage
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