Thursday, 22 June 2017

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The Athens-class Light Cruiser is one of the Show-Only model from Hawk Wargames this year, a modification of the Saratoga-class Light Cruiser and a lovely stand-in for the Osaka-class Light Cruiser. It features one of the new paired Mass Drivers in place of the two turrets, and is a far sleeker version of the plastic Light Cruiser, much like its sister ship, the Saratoga. I was lucky enough for a friend to pick this up for me from Salute, but unlike the Saratoga-class I think I will stick with one. There are very few situations I can think of where I would need two squadrons of Osaka-equivalents!
The Athens-class Light Cruiser

The latest generation hull design marks it as a new ship, ready to counter the Scourge invasion of the Colonies

Advanced engines glow blue while the paired turret tracks the next target

The Athens-class lies in the shadow of the larger Osaka-class Light Cruiser
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