Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Point And Click

Of course no hobby project is ever complete... but for now, with the completion of the Saratoga-class Light Cruiser squadron and a pair of Lima-class Detector Frigates, I consider that the UCM fleet has all of the larger capital vessels finished, and only eight smaller Frigate-sized vessels remain. Progress!

Three Saratoga-class Light Cruisers form up

An entire squadron of these advanced vessels is a testament to the importance and resources available to Battlefleet Carthage

The state-of-the-art vessel is the latest in ship design, and will lead the charge against the Scourge threat

A pair of Lima-class Detector Frigates will match nicely with the Light Cruisers, revealing enemy vessels for their deadly Burnthrough Lasers

These vessels have slightly different superstructures to the "standard" Lima-class Detector Frigates, though that is a difficult distinction as there are still so few in active service

This new pair join the first Detector Frigate, and there will be a fourth on the way

The latest reinforcements join the battle!
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