Friday, 8 December 2017

Battle Stations


Space Stations are an important part of many scenarios in Dropfleet Commander, with one particular scenario requiring five of them! Fortunately, one of the best sets available for this game is the Modular Space Station kit, which is worth every penny, packed with bits and can easily build five or more stations.

I had built and painted one station some months previous, and used a LOT of the parts on other ships for conversions, but thought it was time to get the full five done - this way we could run the game without using any proxies or unpainted miniatures. I quickly assembled four new stations, and got to work!

Four of the stations were painted as military stations, in the traditional dull grey of my fleet. This matches nicely, but is a little dull when they are all together. The Repair Station was a nice break from the grey, and if I make more stations in the future I will make sure they are different colours. At the end you will see three smaller stations - these were produced by Games Workshop and have been salvaged from my ancient Battlefleet Gothic collection. They are from Forgeworld, and maintain their old white colour scheme from years past.
This Refuelling Station is a docking point for four small System Ships, and features several large canisters underneath the main dish

The Communication Relay

The first and smaller of the two Defence Platforms, featuring a number of turrets

The larger Defence Platform, so much bigger it features docking points for System Ships

This edifice features a large number of turrets and missile pods

The Repair Stations, with a damaged New Orleans-class Strike Carrier undergoing important repairs

Fire plumes from the engine of the damaged vessel

The Avalon-class Battlecruiser passes close to the Fuel Station and Communication Relay

Corvettes pass the large Defence Platform

Three Orbital Relays or Jump Point Node Stations, tiny in comparison

They are dwarfed by the New Orleans-class Strike Carrier
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  1. Some sweet looking space stations! Been meaning to get some myself for a while

  2. Wow, excellent work again...