Sunday, 31 December 2017

Resolutions for 2018

Happy Holidays everyone.

So here we are, another year for Full Spectrum Dominance! 2017 has been a pretty good one for me and for the blog, I've painted a lot of models, played a lot of games and won a few trophies. There have been some bad times - the loss of Spartan Games, the Marvel Universe license for Knight Models etc. and a little slowing down in my blogging frequency, but hopefully we'll see an increase in quality and some really great projects.

I've cut down my blogging due to Work and other Real Life issues, as you may have noticed - dropping down to five posts per month, but I hope to maintain the quality of the blog and keep posting - I've got some big new projects this year and look forward to getting them recorded and posted here properly. I still enjoy the blogging format rather than spamming Instagram or Facebook as I like to have a bit of meat to my posts, and this is still one of the best formats for that.

2017 was a year for some experimentation with new games - Dead Man's Hand and Frostgrave dominated the start of the year, while by the end I was deep into Dropfleet Commander. Dropzone Commander and Infinity have taken a bit of a backseat recently, while Dystopian Wars entirely dropped off the gaming and painting table (we will see if Warcradle's handling of the Dystopian Age peaks my interest!). I realise my hobby time is getting a little scarcer and do not want to get too distracted with projects that go nowhere.

2018 promises a bit more from Dropfleet (and hopefully Dropzone). Necromunda and maybe some dabbling with superheroes in the DC Universe Miniatures Game. Infinity could also see a little resurgence, as a friend has decided to give it a go. I'd love to have a go with Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago, the Gaslands games scratches my very strong Mad Max itch (though Necromunda also has that covered), and there's always the threat of some historical games or the cowboys of Dead Man's Hand coming back to distract me.

As with previous years, I have decided to make a pledge for some Hobby Resolution, and see how I can do. First, a review of last year, and then a look to the future...

  • PLAY (at least) SIX TOURNAMENTS - It has been close, but with one Infinity tournament, two Dropzone Commander tournaments and three Dropfleet Commander tournaments I think I have managed this one! SUCCESS
  • PLAY (at least) 52 GAMES This one seems to have flown by this year, with a number of tournaments and a regular game or two each week has given me a nice score. The end of the year saw things slow down a bit, so next year I hope I can do even better! SUCCESS 
  • PAINT (at least) 365 MODELS - This is my usual target, but was not reached this year. Too much focus on big models meant that sheer numbers were not possible. FAIL
  • EXPAND THE BLOG WITH MORE CONTRIBUTORS AND PAGES - Adam may have moved his efforts to Facebook and he like, but Winner Dave continues to be a big contributor to the Blog with his Infinity adventures. I am especially grateful for this as the last months of 2017 saw me take a step back from the blogging for various reasons, and it is good to have him showing off some of his wonderful miniatures. PARTIAL SUCCESS
  • LEARN HOW TO PLAY DROPFLEET COMMANDER - Done! I've now played 25-30 games, have done well in three tournaments (3rd, 3rd, and 5th) and finished the ridiculous project of Battlefleet Carthage! I've now finished terrain, space stations, sectors and civilian ships - time for a second fleet. SUCCESS
  • LEARN TO PLAY DEAD MAN'S HAND - Dave and myself (as well as a couple of others) played this a lot at the start of the year, and I think I got a handle on the game. We did not play much after that, but I'm happy with the way this little project went. I am happy that Black Scorpion had a successful Kickstarter, and might be tempted to pick up some of their miniatures if I see them at a shop or trade show. SUCCESS
  • LEARN TO PLAY THE MARVEL UNIVERSE MINIATURES GAME - This one is out of my hands, I'm afraid, as Knight Models lost/dropped the license the Marvel Universe Miniatures Game died. This doesn't stop me using the old models in the DC Universe Game, but there is very little local support for that - hopefully this will improve as more and more releases build up. My X-Men will see the gaming table eventually! FAIL
  • A RETURN TO BATTLE REPORTS - Urgh, utterly failed. I haven't played many games in my own home this year, and this has made organising a Battle Report difficult. I tried to organise a couple of things with Operation Wotan for Infinity over the summer, but none of these pictures were good enough for the blog. Hopefully when the evenings get a little lighter I can try again in the New Year. FAIL
  • PLAY (at least) SIX TOURNAMENTS - I was pleased o achieve this last year, and am hoping 2018 can be another success. Adam and I are planning to run our second Dropfleet Commander tournament in February, and we have our eyes on some others in the future. I would love to attend another Midlands Maelstrom, or Fleet Muster. Hopefully Hawk Wargames/TTCombat can get something organised themselves too! I'm also hoping to attend a DCUMG tournament in the Spring (if I can learn the game in time!) and will see if Infinity can pique my interest again this year. 
  • PLAY (at least) 52 GAMES Smashed this one last year, and think I should be able to keep up the momentum. One game a week is not difficult when the "missed" weeks can be made up with a tournament day.
  • PAINT (at least) 365 MODELS - The usual hobby pledge that I've unfortunately not been achieved for some years. I cannot bring myself to drop it though, and will keep trying! Hopefully I can find something small and easy to bash out a few dozen of and get those numbers up. 
  • LEARN NECROMUNDA AND PLAY THROUGH A CAMPAIGN - 'Munda is back! I've gathered together a huge amount of terrain and started work on my first Gang already - pictures of these to come soon! The local store is working towards a Necromunda evening each week, and I cannot wait. 
  • LEARN TO PLAY THE DC UNIVERSE MINIATURES GAMES... AND RUN MY X-MEN IN IT - I really don't have an excuse not to do this one - I've wanted to learn the game for months, I have my old Marvel miniatures painted and want to use them. For the more rules-adherent players, I have the Sword of Rao - General Zod and his minions. These guys should be simple for learning the game, and my local store is intending to run a tournament for the DCU soon so it's perfect timing! 
  • FILL OUT THE HOBBY BINGO CARD - found this one on Facebook, courtesy third-hand of Rob Hawkins Hobby. Looked like a lot of fun and easy to do given my current plans. 
Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year



  1. More ambitious than my hobby aims for the year.
    How many players have you got signed up for your tournament in February?


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