Saturday, 26 April 2014

Dystopian Wars: Second Edition Gets Closer

It seems Second Edition brings more than a Starter set and a new Rulebook - the Core Nations are ALL being treated to new vessels! If you haven't seen them yet... where have you been?
It must be said that Full Spectrum Dominance is not intended to work as a source for Dystopian Wars news - leave that to the far more professional guys over at Element 270 (first to break the new edition and coming soon a podcast with the lead playtester!) or the Spartan Games forum, which have been a flurry of activity this past week with the playtesters answering questions on the new edition and the changes we can expect.

Everything I have read there sounds good, and I look forward to the new edition with increasing impatience...

Lower and sleeker than the Avenger, the Regent brings understated elegance to the Britannian fleet
Bristling with weaponry, the Diophantus looks intimidating to say the least!
Travelling some choppy seas, the Boston brings the FSA up to date with the rest of the Dystopian world
Though similar to the Independence-class Battleship, the Liberty looks heavier and features far greater detail, as befits the new class of Heavy Battleship
The Elbe brings enough Tesla-weaponry to fry half a continent, and straps a flight deck on the back. This shall be a fine addition for my Prussian armada!
Nice to see the Russians get a Battlecruiser, though to me it does look a lot like their Gunship. Looking forward to seeing the statistics for this one
Those mortars look like their could cause some serious damage, even before the prow weaponry comes into range
Not a fan of the usual Japanese aesthetic, the Kaiju shows how far the sculptors and designers of Spartan have come. Great detail! 

  • Paint the new Starter Box - FSA for Good Friend Ben, Blazing Sun as Allies for the large Chinese fleet I've already painted
  • Buy and paint a few more Blazing Sun squadrons to make the fleet substantial - two Ika and the Strike Flotilla at the least - love those robotic monsters!
  • Acquire and paint any and all Prussian releases - I'm liking all of the new stuff seen so far, which is always a plus!
  • Plot out and play a new campaign once the Greenland Campaign draws to a close... this time something based in the Pacific Ocean
  • Finally break out the Republique of France fleet and add that fantastic new Submarine Tender. Than get some paint on them 
  • They have been sitting in this box very patiently for some months now...
  • Consider Fleet No. 12... Russian Federation perhaps? With Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth allies? Sounds good to me
Looks like it will be a busy summer!

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