Sunday, 3 August 2014

The Element270 Painting Challenge - Progress Report


For the Republique of France, things have taken a turn for the worse... on the other hand, check out these Russian Coalition models!
After struggling with inspiration and being generally unhappy with the quality of the test model for the Republique of France, I have retired that particular fleet and returned them to the Work In Progress Pit. They will have their time in the sun, but not this month...

In the mean time, a friend of mine decided he had been beaten one too many times by my Prussian fleet, and was going to concentrate on some other gaming systems. Sadly, he decided to quit Dystopian Wars and sell his rather large Russian fleet... though not so sad as I was happy to take them off his hands. One additional Naval Battle Group later and the fleet was sitting pretty at well over 3,500pts!

I have always loved the Russian fleet but avoided them until now as I did not want to have the same fleet as my friend. Now I have the freedom to work on another Core Nation and have a fleet that can set sail in any theatre, covering both the Pacific, North Sea and the Atlantic with impunity. This will provide a good foe for some of my Imperial Bond-playing friends, and also give me an excuse to paint more of that lovely Ablative Armour. The Russians are simple to paint and brutal to play - not my usual style, but with the new Edition I think they have some tricks that make their playstyle a lot more interesting than it once may have been.

Anyway, on to the pictures!


The first two ships in their Work In Progress stage
On the workbench... what will be next?
Suvorov-class Cruiser
A joy to painr, albeit is a laborious affair with many layers of grey. I have chosen the paint the turrets a lighter grey, almost white, to echo the studio paint scheme, and also differentiate them from some of my other grey fleets
The Cruiser and the Corvette together
Kazimov-class Corvette
Sleek and simple, it should be easy to paint the entire squadron once I can find some more time for painting!
The Naval Battle Group so far

The rest of the fleet awaits! Already a huge force, I am looking forward to using the Parts Service to round out a couple of squadrons such as the Destroyers, and also add a second Azov-class Battle Cruiser. In the background you can see a Zamiec-class Sky Fortress of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth - in the future I intend to run them as the main Aerial force alongside the Russian Naval fleet
A line comparing all of the standard-hull Russian ships. The consistency is great
Comparison of the two Carriers - at first I was worried the Fleet Carrier would be the same size as the Assault Carrier but it is clearly bigger! 
The Cruiser, Battle Cruiser and the Gunship - it is big! I think it would dwarf the Battle Cruisers of some of the other Nations, such as the Prussian Konigsberg
After the weeks of painting 28mm Infinity and the utter lack of enthusiasm I was experiencing from the Republique of France, it is great to find some models that really grab my attention. Hopefully I will have some more WIP pictures coming soon.

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  1. Those look great; grey often looks so flat and dull, but you've made it pop. Sad to hear about the French though. I loved your support cruiser and was looking forward to a tutorial.

  2. The French will return in time, but I just need to work out a lighter grey/white for the hull. Thanks for the comments on the Russians though!

  3. Can I at least talk you into sharing what blue you used in the meantime?

  4. Sure, it's GW Citadel Kantor Blue with a touch of Dark Reaper to take the edge off. The edges of the blue is painted a bit darker to add definition.