Monday, 19 January 2015

Moves Like Jaga-Jaga


I do not play Warmachine or Hordes, but I love some of the models - especially the Gatormen for the Minions faction of Hordes. I'm a sucker for dinosaurs, crocodiles, any kind of reptile really, and I love the aesthetic of the Gatormen - the necromantic Voodoo/bayou weirdness is not something we see very often in the miniature wargaming hobby, and gives the opportunity for some interesting miniatures and paint schemes.

I have a sizeable collection of Gatormen models and am looking to get some good pictures of them on here soon enough, but for now I have a single miniature - the first Gator I have painted for some months; Jaga-Jaga the Death Charmer. A relatively new model, as soon as I saw her I knew I had to add her to the collection - covered in snakes, skulls and trinkets, this albino alligator had to hit the painting table!

Onto the pictures...

Cracking artwork of the Death Charmer
Jaga-Jaga the Death Charmer
A huge undead serpent is draped over her shoulder and arms, replete with exposed viscera and bone
Trinkets and totems cover the model, making it incredibly beautiful and detailed but also incredibly involving to paint - she took several sittings to get everything done to a level I was happy with
I loved painting such a wide variety of textures, materials and surfaces - reptilian skin, exposed bone and muscle, feathers, jewels and faded gold
Painting all the different snakes across her were a challenge - they needed to be bold and contrasting in colour without overwhelming the entire model
Jaga-Jaga is ready to lend her aid to the Blindwater Congregation
It was a nice distraction from the hyper-detailed but relatively small Infinity models to paint something so big, bold and colourful
I hope you have enjoyed this brief interlude from the endless Infinity and Dystopian Wars coverage!

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