Monday, 19 January 2015

Señor Massacre Enters The Arena

“Stay there on the floor and bleed, pendejo. You are no more than a punching bag to me. I am Señor Massacre and this fight ends right now.”
Another addition to the Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor, this week we have the irrepressible Señor Massacre, champion of the Aristeia! Arena and mercenary for hire. I painted this model this week as I needed an appropriate proxy to represent a Bandit, and also thought it was about time I added something really cool to the team. 

In game terms, I am sure he is worth trying out but I have always been distracted by simpler units, without all the fancy special rules and equipment. With the new edition, though, who knows? Those Zero-V Grenades might yet have a place! 
Señor Massacre is one of the coolest models in the entire Infinity range, and was a joy to paint, even with the Rob Liefeld-level of pouches and straps across his body

The photos are not great, but I am very happy with how the blade turned out - a glowing white-hot pink. The scabbard was painted a bright red to offer contrast while maintaining a sense of minimalism
I wanted to avoid the usual Deadpool-style colour scheme as I had already painted one version of this model in such a scheme some years ago, and also I intend to paint one of the actual Knight Models Deadpool miniatures very soon. The scheme was instead based on the rest of the team and also on the Corvus Belli Studio scheme, just adapted with the lacquered red and the completely black/grey bodysuit
His facemask is cracked and battered (and wow, I hate looking at my painting at this magnification! Oh dear)
Señor Massacre ready to take them all on!

To go with the Interventor painted recently, I needed a Fast Panda to go with her - so after some research into Red Pandas, here we are! 

I'm pretty happy with how the red turned out, and thought the eyes are a bit shoddy, overall it fits my purposes! 
The Fast Panda has surprisingly similar armour plating to the Mobile Brigada, just a lot smaller
The Interventor sends her pet off to extend her range of operations
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