Friday, 16 January 2015

The League Grows


Like the Chinese Federation last year, the League of Italian States will be seeing a rather large expansions to their range this coming February, with the release of three new box-sets to replace their current boxes and add several new classes of Naval and Aerial vessels. Here's some more detail in a blog post on the Spartan Games website, and a following blog post gives some detail on the background to the League, including recent developments on their relationship with the famous Garibaldi. 

The League of Italian States were the fleet that reignited my love of Dystopian Wars all those year ago, and it is great to see them get some more ship classes that will make their fleets look great and give them some interesting new styles of play. 

Let's have a look at the sets!
The first of the new sets is the Naval Battle Group, and includes two brand new vessels - the Escort and the Battle Cruiser. The armament on the Battle Cruiser looks to be gunnery-based, with no visible torpedo turret, though something interesting is going on around the bridge of the vessel. Both look awesome to me, and I think both will fit in well with their play-style

The Naval Support Box is dominated by the Battle Carrier and includes the new class of Escort, who looks like she carries a torpedo turret, but the real treat is the Hasta-class Heavy Bomber. What a beast! 
I am not a huge fan of the turret on the nose of the Bomber, but the rest looks great and I will need to work out a good scheme for it
The Aerial Battle Group features a lot of interesting new ships - I am always a sucker for Airships so the Pilum is a guaranteed sale for me, and the Stiletto Light Interceptors are nice. I am not so convinced by the Sky Fortress - a crazy idea taken to the exteme! Boring as it sounds, I think I would have preferred another blimp. I wonder if the Bomber is resin now?
So there we are, an intriguing range of releases for the League, really bringing them into line with some of the larger Nations. I am especially interested in the Battle Cruiser, the Escorts and some of the flyers, but as I already own a rather large Italian fleet, I might be waiting until they become available to order individually (do I need three Battle Carriers?). For the new player, however, these boxes are organised well and priced in accordance.

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  1. Nice summary, and I hear there are Australians on the horizon to look forward to also.