Monday, 12 January 2015

Hack Attack


Corvus Belli may have left us in the lurch for a few weeks, with half the troop profiles updated and released with the N3 Rulebook while the rest still lie in development limbo, but I can wait - this happened last year with Dystopian Wars when the fleets were updated for Second Edition, and before that I have extensive experience playing GW games with codices and army books multiple editions out of date. I know for a fact that as soon as the PDFs are released, everyone will forget this ever happened and start playing some serious Infinity!

In the mean time, I have bided my time and not actually played any Infinity yet this year - that treat awaits me this coming Thursday, PDF release or no. This first game with the new Edition will be against an old opponent who will hopefully show me the ropes (and go a bit easy on me!), and to prepare for this I made a couple of lists using profiles exclusively from the new Rulebook. This was a restriction I took upon myself to force me to try out some new things and not rely on old tactics.

Relinquishing the Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor and restricting myself to units from the Rulebook as "Vanilla" Nomads was interesting and involved taking a large number of units I have not tried before (though it must be said the majority are from Corregidor, as practise for the release of the updated Sectorial). These new units included both of the new units for Corregidor, the Bandits and the Jaguars, an Interventor with Fast Panda, and also a number of recognisable units with different loadouts and weaponry.

With this new list in mind and some unpainted models sitting on the painting table, I used the coming game as impetus to get some models painted up. The Bandit and Jaguars will not be featuring this week, as the models have not been released, but a pair of Hackers and a Remote have been completed, and will give me a chance to try out the new, rather extensive Hacking Programs.

Onto the models!

This weekend's progress
The Transductor Zond, cheapest of the Remotes but potentially one of the most important
Armed with only a Flash Pulse and a Repeater, the Transductor Zond is not an aggressive Remote but a brilliant piece of support equipment, extending the range of the team's Hackers with high speed and stealth capabilities
The ranks of the Remotes continue to swell - but these are just three of the Zond chassis from the main Rulebook - another six different variants using the Sputnik or Salyut body await updated profiles
The Interventor, poster child for the Nomad Nation and scourge of ALEPH
Bright turquoise hair matches the fashion of the team
For games using the Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor, I may use the Interventor as an Alguacil with Hacking Device, as I am not fond of the official model
The Hellcat with Assault Hacking Device
This guy is intended to drop into the middle of the action, where his Assault Hacking Device will be ideally placed to cause trouble
I love this guy's pose and open helmet, marking him out as being something special amid the ranks of the Hellcats
Enter the Dropzone!
I intend to have five Hellcats by the end, covering almost all of the different options. I doubt I will use them at the same time though!
The new recruits once more
So here we are with the results of my recent painting sessions! Next up... well, I keep promising that Iguana don't I?

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  1. These are absolutely gorgeous. I play Nomads myself, though I've yet to start using remotes. I love this muted look, much more gritty than some of the more space-opera paint jobs you see online.