Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Dystopian News


After what feels like a long time away, Spartan Games have shown Dystopian Wars some love and given the rules a refresher, updating the rules for the Core Nations (Alliance and Mercenaries to follow), updating the presentation of the statistics and revealing the rules for the new Dreadnought-Robots. The new post detailing the changes (and the future) can be found here. I am looking forward to reading some of the new background!
Armed with a plethora of incredibly powerful weaponry and capable of destroying several squadrons of enemy ships at once, the Hochmeister Dreadnought Battle-Robot is an immense addition to the Prussian Empire
The Battle Groups are nice for players who use the Tactical Action Cards a lot (I do not), but the Specialist Group Squadrons excite me the most - mixed squadron are back! Battle Cruisers accompanied by Escorts is also an interesting idea - this could the Konigsberg-class Battlecruiser really useful, and the Azov-class Battle Cruiser even more powerful! Here are some examples...

Verstärkung Squadron
2x Uhlan Cruisers (parent)
+1x Hussar Gunship (attached)

Beschützer Squadron
1x Königsberg Battlecruiser (parent)
+3x Wächter Escorts (attached)

Donner Squadron

1x Adler Heavy Bomber (parent)
+3x Zerstörer Strike Bombers (attached)
This thing is ridiculous, and needs to be dealt with immediately
The changes to Core Nations are always interesting, bringing something fresh to the list building and changing the role of certain ships subtly. Here is an example of the changes to my favourite fleet, the Prussian Navy, helpfully compiled by Thomas Verkooijen (sorry for the late credit!)

Fore Tesla Coil has changed to Secondary from Tertiary

Point cost raised to 220 from 210
Fore Tesla Coil has changed to Secondary from Tertiary

Kaiser Karl
Point cost raised to 225 from 220
AP reduced to 10 from 11

Replacing a turret with either a Calcification Generator or a Shield Generator now costs +10 points
AP reduced to 10 from 11

No changes

No changes

No changes

AP reduced to 4 from 5

Attachment (PE, Medium & Small Naval, 1) changed to Attachment (PE, Naval, 1)

Added MAR: Attachment (PE, Naval, 1)

No changes

CC reduced to 2 from 3

AD Spread on Fore Cannon (P) changed to 6/4/-/-
Speed reduced to 10" from 12"
AP reduced to 3 from 2
CC reduced to 1 from 2
Added MAR: Piercing (Fore Cannon)

No changes

No changes

Points cost reduced to 20 from 25

Changes like this have affected all of the Core Nations, and are coming for the Alliance Nations and Mercenaries too. Interesting times! I will look closer at some of the changes to my own favoured fleets in the future, and look forward to trying them out in future Battle Reports. 
Rocket Hands! 
Lastly, the new Dreadnought-Robots look awesome. I had held off buying one (or three) while concentrating on other painting projects, but that time is nearly past! Time to pick up a Hochmeister and get it carving Battleships in half. 

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  1. Nerfing the Prussians? There was no need for that!

  2. Hi! Nice to see the overview I made is put to good use!

    I wouldn't say the Prussians got hit hard to be honest. True, the Stolz got hit pretty hard, but the Stolz had become a horrible little beast since the last update. The Republique of France, Russian Coalition and Covenant of Antarctica have been hit way harder than the Prussians, and only the Kingdom of Brittannia and Federated States of America have been buffed. For the Brits I'd say it's very welcome! The FSA buff surprised me, I'll admit. Currently playing in a campaign and stand at a 3-15 win-loss ratio opposing a (admittedly genius) FSA player.

  3. Thanks for the overview, have edited to credit you. Sorry for forgetting that first time round!

    I agree that the nerfs and buffs have been distributed pretty well, though I understand the Covenant players are a little lost at the moment! My Russians are feeling the strain on the points values, but they probably deserve that!

    I think the Prussians came out quite well overall, the changes to the Attachments alone will change the fleet so much, and the Stolz needed toning down.

  4. Thanks for the credit!

    The attachment changes are going to be a lot of fun. Donnerfaust and Sturmbringer? Elbe and Havel? Good times all around. I'm agreeing with the Stolz changes mostly, though I'm finding it a lot harder to include them into lists now.

  5. Emperor
    Replacing a turret with either a Calcification Generator or a Shield Generator now costs +10 points
    AP reduced to 10 from 11

    And the range of Calcification increases from 12" to 16"