Thursday, 14 April 2016

Coastal Assault Tournament Report - PHR

This weekend myself along with a few other local players (Simon, Karl, Paul and George) all headed down the coast to Brighton for Coastal Assault, a three-game tournament!

The missions had been published ahead of time (Ground Control, Bunker Assault and Military Complex) and as such I'd tried to make my army a little more useful for these missions, As mentioned in my last post, the Menchit and Apollo B were added to the roster, both of which I hoped may deal with those Bunkers full of infantry.

Nemesis Command Walker with Grand Vizier (CV3)
Four Mercury Drones carried by two Triton A2 Dropships, carrying Stealth and Skyhammer missiles

One Phobos Battle Walker

Three Apollo A Strike Walkers and one Apollo B Strike Walkers

One Menchit Battle Walker and one Ares Battle Walker carried aboard a Neptune Dropship

One unit of Immortals in a Triton A1 Strike Dropship
Two Helios Jetskimmers carried aboard a Neptune Dropship

One unit of Immortals in a Triton A1 Strike Dropship
Two Helios Jetskimmers carried aboard a Neptune Dropship

One unit of Valkyries in Juno A2 IFV
One Medusa in a Triton-X Dropship

Game One versus Resistance - Bunker Assault

I faced a chap called Alex, who was running an Allied Resistance list similar to George's list, big ass Thunderstorm Custom, Freeriders, Cyclones, ATV's...

I realised that I would probably hold my own Quarters Focal Point as the Nemesis and supporting Phobos were so slow they would always be in range. As such I decided to go with a thrust between the central and my left objective (nice big buildings screening me), with a diversionary raid to the right Focal Point.

Alex split his force (big problem was narrow streets limiting his Thunderstorm) so the Hannibals and that went right, the rest left. It started a bit cautiously to see who would get into range first. My Medusa led the way, hitting the hovercraft holding his Battle Bus - but both survived! Meanwhile I dropped the Valkyries into the Bunker and the Menchit and Ares worked as bait. Knowing this the next turn I played 'Adaptive Camouflage' and this I think almost won me the game, as the next turn when the inevitable Freerider assault came, they were hitting on 4's wounding on 5's - so each lost a DP but we're still operational. They then took vengeance on the Freeriders with machine gun and flame! We had a brief bloody combat where my Immortals and Valkyries faced his Resistance Fighters and Veterans, after one round both his bases had a wound left, as did my Immortals and Valkyries. Strangely only the Valkyries passed their Fortitude, and the next turn they died to machine guns.

The Medusa accounted for both Krakens holding the Gun Wagons, and the Menchit flamed his home quarters Bunker to kill the occupants. This led to him diverting his other infantry (heading to my diversion force) back home to hold that Focal Point. The Triton's tried to remove his Hannibals, but they survived until the Apollos on the last turn took the spoils.

It ended up a very bloody game for him, but the vast majority of my force was alive (a 400+ points difference on Kill Points). Meanwhile I had three Focal Points while he held only two. I was contesting both, resulting in a 17-3 VICTORY!

Game Two versus PHR - Military Complex

Next up was Ed from Orbital Bombardment. I'd seen his PHR list online and it looked nasty - the mission really highlighted to me the weakness of my list - a lack of infantry. With three searches Turn Two he got the objective and used another squad to transport it off the board - meanwhile my three searching teams took three turns (with Drones) to find one!

I also realised how tough Medusae are (plus Triton-X shenanigans) as well as a greater understanding of how to use other units more effectively (Helios, walk-on Phobos etc.).

The Nemesis gets a special mention for its unerring accuracy, but consistent 1's for damage!

I lost 4-2 on Objectives, and by 100 or so points on Kill Points, giving me a 13-7 Loss - a shame, but a great schooling!

Game Three versus UCM - Ground Control

I was drawn against our local Talon Simon for this game - having seen his Air Cavalry army, I had a plan to try and get most of my army across the board early doors to try and Reaction Fire any thing escaping into the other board corners!

It didn't go to plan, his Rapiers on Turn Two not only managed to destroy the Triton-X (it was them or the Helios Neptune - the Medusa survived) but when they also shot at the Helios, he rolled four 6's to damage. Thankfully Command Cards went my way and on two consecutive turns I got 'Countermeasures Hack' this allowed my Phobos to take out his Eagle, and the Helios to take out his Falcons. The Medusa and Triton A2 did a number on his Katanas and Rapiers, and when he put some Praetorians in a building they were all removed too! He committed his commander's Phoenix to try and get some space, but that also died to AA fire in the end. Coming into Turn Five it was clear all his offensive units were gone, and it was just his infantry running my AA gauntlet. Holding more battleground I could more easily respond to his deployments. As such we ended on a three quarters to one quarter - 18 - 2 VICTORY!


Firstly it was a nice venue, good food (good lighting!) and three great games. I finished 4th which I was very happy with!

I watched the Top Table games in the finak round and it was interesting watching George sweat, as well as see some more interesting playstyles and tactics than I'm used too.

As for my army...

Nemesis Command Walker - never lost a DP! Did bugger all damage though. Love it for area control, but think the Zeus needs a run out again!

Mercury Drones and Triton A2 - underwhelming! Even more so having realised that it's any Scout unit which expands Sphere of Influence not just those in the Command Battle Group!

Menchit/Ares - worked well here, I'm now really just wanting the Menchit A2 as an option to try combining the best of both!

Phobos - great, just really want to get two into my lists again!.

Apollos - brilliant, half-decent gun, good mobility without a drop ship too - staying!

Immortals - do a job - might only take one though...

Helios - the mandatory 320pts of every PHR list, two squads in Neptunes offer so much!

Valkyries - fantastic unit - think a second squad will be used for extra infantry in the near future - just working out what they ride in Juno, Triton or Angelos!

Medusa - is wanting to field two making me a bad person?! (Editors note, running two of these will result in loss of friendship)

Anyway these guys will have a break for a couple of weeks so I can play some Flames of War - but they'll be back with new toys soon!


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