Friday, 21 October 2016

Sekban Special Naval Unit


After what feels like an entire summer of painting terrain for Dropzone Commander, I have returned to painting some proper miniatures with an Infinity commission - five members of the Sekban Special Naval Unit for Haqqislam
These models belong to blog contributor Winner Dave, who has recently started a Haqqislam force with the release of Operation: Red Veil but did not have the time to paint them up. Looking for something different and as a big fan of the models, I took him up on the job
I chose a desert scheme for the models, inspired by the box art and loving the resin "Wasteland" bases that Dave had supplied with the models. Light green and khaki is joined by red and yellow for a subdued but, I think, effective scheme. It may not be the bold reds of my Nomad force, but to me Haqqislam have never been ones for outrageous colour scheme
I am fairly satisfied with the final result, and hope Dave is too. I have not done any commission work for a long time, and am not looking to get back into it, but this was a nice return to painting something small and detailed after twenty five buildings and other scatter terrain. In the future I imagine (hope?) I will be asked to paint some more Haqqislam models, but intend to take it slower as I have other projects that need attention
So there we are, the first models I have painted for Infinity in a looong time, and they are not even mine! We shall see if Dave is happy with them, and perhaps you will see some more models appearing on the blog in the future...
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