Saturday, 15 October 2016

Tetsu Tower

Are you guys as sick of terrain as I am? Don't worry, this is the penultimate building for the Dropzone table! The mighty Tetsu Tower from DarkOps is today's offering, an edifice well over six inches in height and offering a lot of cover from those nasty anti-air units.
The imposing Tetsu Tower has been detailed with creeping vegetation and rusted air ducts on the rooftop, which break up an otherwise flat roof. I also added three small bars to act like balconies on the edges of the roof - these also break up the flat top and make it look a little more real (to me, at least)
Detail on the rooftop - lots of pipework was fun to put together and paint!
The Tetsu Tower is broken up into several different sections - the golden design at the "front," the windows and the back bars. I painted each section with different colours to break up the massive building, unified with black
The front of the building, with the massively overgrown doorway and large bank of windows
I think the yellow/brown detail really makes the building pop nicely
Another thin bank of windows at the rear of the building
The large business tower overshadows the Residential Blocks a lot!
Nonetheless, I feel with the right colours and vegetation, it ties in nicely with the other ranges of terrain. It is obviously not the same manufacturer, but sometimes buildings intended for business are markedly different from residential properties - see another recent post for the more extreme example of The Blade
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