Thursday, 30 March 2017

Travelling Light

In the wake of recent article on how to paint my colour scheme for the UCM in Dropfleet Commander, I was faced with four incomplete Light Cruisers - most of which were half done. Great!

A few more hours work and I had finished them and rounded out two entire squadrons of Light Cruisers for the fleet. This is a big tick on my checklist, and leaves me with only a handful more ships until I consider my UCM fleet "complete." 

I realise I have said this just as Hawk announce the release of the Corvettes and the limited edition Saratoga-class Light Cruiser, but give me some, albeit brief, respite...
The New Cairo-class Light Cruisers with their incredible Burnthrough Lasers. This squadron should do well
The Osaka-class Light Cruiser - less popular but still packing a mean punch, and looking great all finished
The two squadrons led by their bigger brother, the Avalon-class Battle Cruiser
I have also painted a third San Francisco-class Troopship, just in case!
Another squadron, the three Seattle-class Carriers. Following the boost to the launch capacity of the New York-class Fleet Carrier I will only be using all three in a very large game
The New Cairo and the Osaka together - why choose between them when you can have both?

Squadrons out in force!

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  1. Looks great! I can't wait to get my hands on this game!