Thursday, 12 October 2017

Death Comes From On High


It's been great to get back on with my ALEPH forces. This time I decided to paint two similar models at the same time.

This time we have Diomedes, who I'm really looking forward to using in game. I find Aerial Deployment troops tend to die quick, so his No Wound Incapacitation should help to keep him around for a while. Mk12s are a favourite of mine, but for close up work... the assault pistol - mmmmm.

A great model to paint, but his pose is annoying in that you've only got his toes to stick him to a base with and he's quite top heavy. Mine falls over a lot!

To back him up a standard Ekdromoi with Boarding Shotgun (a minor conversion). I've proxied my Ekdromoi HMG for this in the past, but my loathing of proxies mean I just had to get this fella done.

I hope you like them,

Winner Dave

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