Thursday, 5 October 2017

Overcharge The Laser

The last Battlecruiser for the United Colonies of Mankind has been completed, and with it the last vessel I intend to paint for the UCM fleet for a little while. I actually completed this ship a few weeks ago, but other projects have conspired to stop me from taking pictures and the like. 

I enjoyed painting this vessel a great deal, probably more than the first resin Battlecruiser, and will no doubt end up using it a bit more often - I love Burnthrough Lasers! 

UCMS Sixth Hammer, Perth-class Battlecruiser of Battlefleet Carthage
One of the most recent developments of the United Colonies of Mankind, the Perth-class Battlecruiser is built around the infamous Viper Super-Heavy Laser

Only recently unleashed from the shipyards of New Carthage, the Sixth Hammer has yet to engage the enemy and prove its worth

Banks of Point Defence Lasers and four UF-4200 Mass Driver Turrets add to the fusillade 

The UCMS Sixth Hammer joins its sister ship, Johannesburg-class UCMS Fevre Dream on patrol

The full power of Battlefleet Carthage! A solid year of painting since receiving my Kickstarter package. Of course, no hobby project is ever finished, but waiting for new avenues of expansion. UCM-wise my next project will be some civilian vessels, and then patiently waiting for Destroyers and a Dreadnought
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  1. WOW, what an excellent collection you got.

    Great paintjob. Im loving this

  2. Very impressive, I didn't figure how big your collection has become!