Thursday, 19 October 2017

Scylla and Devabots


Hi guys,

As I enjoyed getting my Ekdromos and Diomedes models done so much, I cracked straight on with some more of my ALEPH, this time Scylla and Charybdis.

I wasn't particularly looking forward to painting Scylla, but once I got the skin done I found myself really enjoying it. Everything was really clean cut and being a newer sculpt a touch bigger than some of the others I've painted.

The Devabots (Charybdis) were quite airbrush friendly. Painting both at the same time I found myself wanting to keep it quite simple.

I can't wait to get Scylla on the table, I really hope I get to face off against an enemy Hacker and Maestro it. Using Cybermask seems like quite a bit of fun too, and I'm hoping I can run this trio up a flank to either use Charybdis' flamers to cover multiple enemies or put them in position to cause an ARO headache.

I suspect I'll end up taking Scylla with an Assault Hacking Device, as I've seen a small increase in Heavy Infantry in my local meta.

I'll be sure to post back my findings on using her, it's been a while since I changed my list up, so this'll hopefully bring a bit of interest to my game.

Thanks for reading,


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