Friday, 9 March 2018

George and Goliath


The past few weeks I have been feverishly painting up more Goliath gangers, repainting some I've not been happy with and constructing even more gangers. I think I now have twenty four built, but shamefully only fifteen painted! You may have seen some pictures earlier in the year, but here's how they look now as they approach the start of their first Campaign.

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome has been the bases - up until recently none of them were based. I was concerned about making the bases match with the Underhive tiles while also not blending into the rest of the model - they were already covered in rust and chevrons so there was not much to set them apart. Ultimately I am happy with the result, and though it is not a huge contrast I feel they look different enough to compliment the rest of the model. I will be adding more chevrons in the future, and an additional models I finish for the gang will all have some nice black and yellow on the base!

This gang is by no means my starting gang, it just happens to be the first fifteen models finished. Future additions will be a pair of Juves, some more basic Gangers with normal weapons, another Champion and the boss himself, my converted Gang Leader. He is a big project and I am looking forward to him especially!

Also sitting on my painting table are a gang of Bounty Hunters and Underhive Scum, and a converted force of Enforcers, my Guild-employed Magistratum. If I could paint these Goliaths a bit faster I would be cracking straight on with them! Another Necromunda project is my terrain... both 3-D and some walls for the 2-D game. As you might be able to tell, I have a problem.

On with the pictures... the Rust Belt Overlords ('Belters) out in force!
The gang so far

Champion with Grenade Launcher and Stubgun

I've heard Grenade Launchers are pretty good... personally I'm looking forward to throwing down some Smoke Grenades and getting up close 

Converted Flamer from the Horus Heresy Forgeworld kits

This pyromaniac is the latest addition to the gang, his face is marked with burns from a little over-enthusiasm! He is the first model with chevrons on the base, and this was an experiment that I will be continuing with future models

The first two Gangers painted, who defined the colour scheme of the 'Belters

I'm a big fan of the expression on this guy's face

Converted Ganger with punch daggers from a Blood Bowl kit - I wanted to try to make as many different close combat weapons as possible for the gang (more to come currently on the painting table!)

Ganger with Grenades and a Stubgun - I'm particularly happy with how clean this one came out, and the effectiveness of the pose

My first converted Heavy Stubber, using a Goliath Grenade Launcher and barrel from an Imperial Guard Heavy Stubber - very happy with how this guy came out! 

Second Heavy Stubber-wielding member of the gang, converted with pieces from the Genestealer Cult Neophytes. I'm probably never going to need two run two fof these, but I had the idea for the conversion and wanted to give it a go

The big guy - who I'm still planning to use as a Juve! This model was converted from the Age of Sigmar Slaughterpriest with Goliath and Ork parts

The skull of some hideous Underhive creature lies under his boot

I love the amount of scar tissue on his back, but it does look a lot less pink in the flesh (so to speak...)

Special Weapons crew! 

Close Combat dudes

Basic Weapons... and a Heavy Stubber
More to come soon enough, and hopefully the start of the Campaign!

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