Sunday, 5 April 2015

Iguana Squadron


After many months of promises, the Iguana has been finished and is ready to join the Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor on the battlefield. Following months of procrastination, I finally painted the model over two days, in preparation for the SCTS II Tournament in early April, and am rather relieved to tick this model off my Project List! 

The Iguana was purchased some weeks after attending my second Infinity tournament last year - late August if I recall correctly. I've had this model assembled, undercoated and based for over six months! I don't know what I was waiting for - the reasons for putting it off range from needing to paint other things more, not having the right paintbrushes/paints and wanting to "save" it as a treat for when the bulk of the team was finished. 

Those excuses were finally forgotten last week, and I've managed to show it off down the local club and play two games so far - it's been destroyed in both games, but not before causing some damage. I look forward to future games with a proper TAG, and making the most of the Heavy Flamethrower and Repeater, as well as the massive HMG.  

The Iguana Tactical Armoured Gear
Painted in sections, I painted the entire bottom half of the model to completion before moving up. Such a large model needs to be completed in sections, as I would otherwise have become bored or sloppy, and struggled with drying paint
Large sections of grey on this model were probably harder to paint than the red! The hex pattern on the suit underneath the armour plating was preserved with light drybrushing to pick out the hexes without losing the detail
Decals for the numeral, warning triangles and diamond symbol were taken from the Warhammer 40,000 Imperial Knight transfer sheet, by Games Workshop. This kit comes with a great transfer sheet that can be bought separately, covered with warning signs, numbers and symbols useful for a host of models

I chose a diamond symbol for this model to reflect the gambling theme of the "High Rollers" team this TAG is part of
Warning triangles are also present on the front thighs, as these will jettison off violently when the Operator is ejected
The big centrepiece of the team is complete! Now I want to paint another TAG... perhaps Scarface?
The Iguana Operator jumps out of the TAG when it is badly damaged, continuing the fight in a suit of powered armour and armed with a powerful HMG
The Iguana Operator was painted to have suffered a bit of damage, having not escaped the loss of his TAG unscathed
Elements of his powered armour design match that of the Mobile Brigada, while also reflecting the look of the Iguana and the Gecko TAGs
HIs ammo feed was damaged during construction, so I modelled it too flow loose. I don't think this looks too bad!
The TAG formation - one day I will use them all in one game!

A selection of the various troop types available to the Jurisidictional Command of Corregidor - from the left Iguana TAG, Mobile Brigada Heavy Infantry, Gecko TAG, Tomcat Drop Trooper, Alguacil Line Infantry, Wildcat Medium Infantry, Intruder Assault Commando and Hellcat Drop Trooper
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