Sunday, 26 April 2015

Infinity Terrain - Fairlane Taxi and Tucuxi Sports Car


Antenociti's Workshop have an ever-expanding selection of Infinity-appropriate vehicles - probably the biggest on the market at the moment. I have always like the look of their models, and picked up several of the latest designs to go with my city board - after all, every urban environment needs cars to fill the streets! This week, I have painted two of the largest vehicles Antenociti's Workshop sell; the Tucuxi Sports Car and the Fairlane Taxi

Sleek and stylish, the Tucuxi Sports Car has been painted a bright blue, with a white racing stripe down the roof and jade lights and window tint
The vehicles comes with an optional fin on the back of the car, but I have not attached it
This is the front of the car on the official model, something I did not realise until after I had finished painting it. I think the model works facing in either direction
Low to the ground, it will not offer substantial cover, but will fill space nicely and look good on the streets of the Neon City
Go-Go Marlene shows off her new ride
The first iteration of the Fairlane Taxi was painted in solid yellow
I was happy with it at first, but after seeing other examples of painted Fairlane Taxis on the web, I decided it needed some more colour 
The finished Taxi has more white markings and a checker pattern across the lowest section of the body 
This vehicle is a lot more weathered than the other vehicles I have painted for the city, reflecting the wear and tear of an old taxicab
The Fairlane Taxi has always reminded me of a Johnny Cab from Total Recall
A chunky vehicle, this should offer better cover for infantry and TAGs alike
The two new vehicles, finally finished after sitting unpainted for far too long
Go-Go Marlene peruses her new modes of transport
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