Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Infinity Painting Progress

This month has been dominated by Dystopian Wars and getting the Black Wolf Mercenaries Aerial Battle Group finished, but there was still some time for Infinity. This week, I have managed to finish the Hellcat with Spitfire (featured in a post back in February) and two Tsyklon Sputniks, aggressive Remotes with powerful weaponry.

The Hellcat expertly lands in the middle of the warzone
The Spitfire is a very large weapon, and the Hellcat needs to steady himself while landing with it in hand
The highlighting on the wings of the back pack feels chunky to me, a shame
I am pleased with the results of the conversion and the paint job is fine - he will get his first run in a game this week all being well
The Immediate Deployment and Interdiction Regiment of Corregidor continues to expand
The first Tsyklon Sputnik takes his colour scheme from the studio - red with grey... things on the side of the central chassis. Obviously this model is a lot darker, to match my team's scheme. This model is armed with a Spitfire and Marker
A hazard triangle will be added to the chassis when I have acquired some more decals
The second Tsyklon Sputnik with Feuerbach
This model was painted with a reversed black and red colour scheme, which I think works really nicely
All of my Remotes have been numbered to show the order they were painted - this is number six
The Remotes deployed together - I have visions of a team comprised of almost entirely Remotes in the future, and think it will work well with a few Hackers and Engineers
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